• Leh

    Ladakh the roof of the world ,and one of the highest settled place on earth ,ladakh is the crown of mother india and the trans-himalaya zone marking the boundaries between the peaks of the western himalaya and vast tibetan plateau. India's most remote region is often called "Little Tibet", due to its similarities in topography and culture with nearby Tibet (now in China). This is particularly evident in the Indus valley with its whitewashed gompas (Buddhist monasteries) precariously perched on hillsides and the abundance of colourful prayer flag that is why A sense of peace and harmony could feel when you put your step to the land of Lamas and Monasteries .The beautiful sceneries enchanting your eyes and transmitting peace and calmness within as if you are somewhere out of the world and disconnected with all those burdens and worries of life. The colourful prayer flags on the peaks, Statues of Buddha from centuries in the monasteries and smiling face of the people make you feel wonder and tranquillity whenever you come across them. That is why people once come to this land carry a thousand memories back home and share the uniqueness of this small land. Because of the remoteness and inaccessibility it has been successful to preserve the distinctive culture and sense of humanity that has been inherited from ages. I would say this is the place in any other corner of India where everything is the yet so special. People also love to call this land by the name of 'Moon Land' and 'Little Tibet'. 60% of the population are Buddhist. This is one of the reasons why, coming from the South, you will feel different here. People are friendly and warm-hearted, and will openly invite you into their Ladakh. As human beings, we are steeped in the mundane and the chaotic. Often, the drudgery of work and hectic existences leaves us in a quest for peace and silence. Our purpose is not to provide you with the superficial experience of a conventional packaged holiday. We, at 'Snow lion Himalaya travel' try to make every holiday unique and personal. Taming the rugged beauty of Ladakh into a set schedule - an itinerary - is not something that we are attempting here. We are not here to cage the myriad experiences of Ladakh in a post card or a photograph. The experience, we hope, moulds itself in harmony with your own impressions and responses to the places you visit and the diverse communities, landscapes and cultures you encounter. We want you to be part of this ongoing celebration of beauty, and go back with moments that have breathed their magnificence into your being and etched themselves firmly in your mind. So let us embark on a journey, and find out together what we can do to make your stay in Ladakh meaningful.