Ride Safe


Note :- We the team of Snow lion Himalaya travel requested all riders to ride safe. Since from last so many years while working with different riders from different parts of world we saw lot of unacceptable accidents which really spoils your holiday or in extreme cases it is even threatening to life too, so please be in speed limit for your adventurous ride and for your better tomorrow. We don't care about our property (bike) which we can fixed or buy easily but not life, life is very precious. So please keep it in mind the following things before Ride a bike in Ladakh. Firstly riding in Ladakh is totally different as compared to other parts of the world. As riding off road is ok which is almost handy but actually the problem is about metalled road, as Ladakh being a sandy and desert place we always find a small layer of sand over the road everywhere, where there is not enough grip in the road, which makes the ride very slippery and coupled with high speed results in accidents and being a major cause of all the bike accidents we like to ensure it to our riders. Secondly never ever cross the speed limit as the roads are narrow particularly on the passes and there are lot of sharp & blind turns. And thirdly always wear a helmet, because we saw lot of riders remove their helmet for the sake of photography and they often feel little bit uncomfortable to wear and remove it again and he prefer to ride without helmet and this will cause all the problem. And lastly as usual be aware of dogs & cows walking on the road and over take only from right side.

BAckup Jeep / Support Vehicles

These days Bike tour in Ladakh is one of the most adventurous one people from all around the world come to experience the high passes mountain terrain ,and at the same time difficult too, because of the mountainous terrain with world’s highest passes to cross with all its rough roads and no man’s land up to miles.
For bike tour in Ladakh we provide backup jeep as support vehicle like Mahindra scorpio ,Bolero pickup , Mahindra Thar or Maruti Gypsy throughout the tour as its important for the bikers to ride freely as anything could happen on the way so our support vehicle has equipped with all the necessary equipment like tools, medical kit extra tyre, fuel for the bikes .Our driver are well known for this kind of road and has experience for many years, also they have enough knowledge of your bike and will help you to keep your bikes on road all the time.

    Advantages of backup vehicle for your adventurous trip.

  • Each vehicle is provided with secure storage for fuel, water, tool kit, a range of spare parts and medical kit. So one can ride freely with no hesitation of keeping space for their luggage and spare parts on the bike
  • Sometimes serious damage to your bike requiring major parts, In such cases it gets loaded into the vehicle and carried to the nearest available town where we can source parts or have access to a full workshop.
  • Is it not necessary that all of you have to take a bike to join in the trip as you are not a good rider or any symptoms which stops you to ride, so u can easily join the group in our back up vehicle.`
  • While moving together with the bike one can take a good photo and videography of the group.
  • This is not for self-driven unlike bike, vehicle comes with local driver with a whole lot of local knowledge and it is an added advantage for the clients. And on early booking we serve a driver who got mechanical experience of bikes too to keep the bikes always on the road.
  • You can divide bikes and ride by turns by adding vehicle in your group.
  • Due to the bumpy and muddy roads over here in Ladakh most of the time pillion won’t feel comfortable during long rides, in that case he/she can be easily occupied in backup vehicle.
  • It can also provide transport for bikes and riders in case of any accident, illness or injury.